E.T. Works of Restoration and Renovation of Leather, Sheepskin and Fur

We perform our services in accordance with an old tannery method, which is based on cleaning with the use of sawdust and petroleum vapor.

With this method, clothes retain their quality, i.e. the leather is still soft and the loss of colour is minimal.

We clean:

  • Fur: mink, Persian lamb, fox, lama, ferret etc.
  • Smooth sheepskin and suede
  • Smooth, polished, suede and velour chamois jackets

The process of cleaning leather products requires constant improvement. The technology which we use is extremely efficient, however, without appropriate modifications if could only be applied to older products.

We continually our cleaning and renovation techniques, adjusting to the demands of the market where Polish and foreign producers continuously introduce newer and more delicate types of leather.

Our knowledge and experience, combined with cooperation with various works enables us to completely meet the customer's needs.


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